Five pieces of advice to acquire real estate in Germany

The secret of the 3 L’s: Location, location, location. To find the right location is the key for your success in Germany
YKCC will identify the best / suitable location in Germany for Chinese investors.

Research the market thoroughly
This is especially important for Chinese investments in a non-core area. Just because an opportunity lands on your desk, doesn’t mean it fits for you. YKCC is strong enough in guiding you to the best of your investment in real estate. YKCC identifies potential targets in Germany, especially as many of these businesses will be private. Unless you have adequate resources in-house to do the legwork, hire an advisor like YKCC to scope out the market.

Transaction support
The potential for errors is high in an environment where speed is critical. Our focus is on helping you improve your outcomes. We help you to:

  • Identify key drivers
  • Improve deal structures
  • Mitigate risks
  • Challenge assumptions about future performance

Look carefully under the lid
Markets are always moving. Financial statements may not be as robust as they first appeared. YKCC will help to analyse balance sheets of your targets, marketing surroundings, and we will provide you with real estate expertise. YKCC will assess the risks and capital needs of your real estate investment in Germany. The due diligence must be especially thorough. Problems can arise, for example, where there are long-term agreements with suppliers or customers that might increase the target’s risk profile.

Listen to YKCC’ experts
Whether your business is successful and you are looking to leverage opportunities in the market or your business is stressed and you need assistance with cash flow and mitigating risk, our transaction services will support you and your specific challenges.

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